Flag Line Protocol
How to Fold
When to Display
Why Flag is Folded 13 Times
U.S. Flag Code
U.S. Flag Questions
Flag Line Protocol (while standing with American Flag)
  1. Hold with your RIGHT hand - left hand by your side.
  2. DO NOT salute while holding the American Flag as when standing at attention holding the Flag you are already saluting.
  3. It is a matter of respect not to talk / smoke etc. while standing with the U.S. Flag.
Flag order while in a procession of Motorcycles
  1. One 3x5 Flag per Bike.
  2. Fly Flags in the following order:
    1. American,
    2. State Flags,
    3. Army,
    4. Marines,
    5. Navy,
    6. Air Force,
    7. Coast Guard,
    8. POW/MIA,
    9. Unit and Division Flags,
    10. Veterans Organizations (i.e.: American Legion , VFW, DAV etc), all others.
New Website for VFW 7253
Posted: 9/5/2010 3:07:19 PM
Today the VFW Riders 7253 have purchased a one year service of the VFW version of Eagleware's Veterans Website Platform. As well as the VFW Riders this website has the capability of handling the VFW, VFW Auxiliary and the VFW Riders, Post 7253 have donated the first years service of the website to those organizations of VFW 7253 Derby, KS. John Wilson has been appointed the Web Administrator for VFW Riders 7253 and can be reached at 522-5899 or john@eagleware.org for any questions about the website.
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